Kingfisher Gallery presents a range of Australian contemporary and indigenous artwork in the mediums of painting, photography, glass, pottery, printmaking, sculpture and jewellery. Exhibitions of new work are displayed every four weeks.

Whether it’s the meticulous rendering of botanical art, uniquely crafted and coloured glass, the dynamic vivacity of Aboriginal dot paintings, an abstract work of rich colours of our Australian landscape, Kingfisher Gallery stands for high quality and professional integrity.

Kingfisher Gallery is a member of the Association of Western Australian Art Galleries.

We are conveniently located in the Perth CBD at 49 Colin Street, West Perth (corner of Colin and Richardson Street, enter from Richardson Street)
Ticket parking is available in the adjoining streets. The gallery is easily accessible by the free CBD CAT buses. Kingfisher Gallery has disabled access.

Our gallery hours are from 11am to 4pm Wednesday to Friday and 1 – 4pm Sunday.

If required an “out of hours” appointment may be made by contacting Jan Miller on (08) 9486 9822 or 0408 511 723kingfish

Kitchen Renovations In Sydney
Kitchen renovations Sydney are important because they will save you a lot of time looking at an old kitchen. You will also get the kitchen renovations Sydney that you need when you work with the right company. You need to make sure that you have chosen something that works for your home, and you need to get a kitchen renovations Sydney when you want to increase your value of your home.

The value of your home will jump a lot when you have spent the time that is needed to make sure that you get the right results. You will be able to get the help that you need pretty quickly, and you will have kitchen renovations Sydney at Kitchen Creation that will help you make your home look great. Kitchen renovations Sydney are really nice because they give you total control over what you are doing, and then you can get the colors and styles you need without any problem.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to think about all the things that you can do to get help with the kitchen. The kitchen will look a lot better, and it will be the kind of place where you can get the kinds of upgrades you need. Upgrades are there to make it easier to use your kitchen, and then you will save yourself a lot of energy in the kitchen. Anyone who wants to make sure that they can get the help they need should call on a designer, and the designer will help you make sure that you have gotten the right design for the kitchen, and then you can see your kitchen become anything you want.

Knee High Boots

Wide Calf boots come in a variety of sizes and styles that mesh comfort and design. Options include wide calf riding boots, rain boots, dress boots, cowboy boots, and over the knee boots. The growing demand for these boots makes finding them in a store likely. Some plus sized retailers as well as other mainstream clothing and shoe retailers offer wide calf boots, and some even offer free shipping. If you decide to order online, know your calf circumference and choose a retailer that offers free return shipping.

Use a tape measure to measure the fullest part of your calf and feel at ease that convenient returns are offered in the instance that certain boots are ill fitting or just not satisfactory in some way.

Get ready to choose wide calf boots that range from grippy heels to stacked heels, and also consider what kind of material you are looking for. Stretchy materials with elasticity add to the give and take of BHD womens knee high boots. There are wide calf womens fashion boots from BHD with waterproof exteriors and a variety of side straps and buckles. Wide calf boots accommodate and flatter a variety of leg shapes and also make it feasible to tuck your jeans or pants into your boots without discomfort.

Mobile Website Design is Reshaping the Digital World
The past 20 years have witnessed the internet rise to become a must-have resource for every aspect of our daily lives. In the modern era, we have been introduced to a vast array of technologies that include smart cars, smart homes, home/nanny security systems and so much more. The digital platform that these diverse systems share is mobile technology.

The depth of mobile technology extends across a wide spectrum of platforms, which includes smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, hybrid laptops that convert into tablets and other emerging technologies. The combination of on the go apps and faster hardware devices have increased the demand for mobile website design services. 

The most popular hosting platforms for mobile Melbourne website design at GMG Web Agency are Android and iOS systems. These digital platforms are responsible for the expansion of mobile solutions for social media, file sharing, work-oriented applications, financial services and much more. Despite the type of genre a mobile website design is integrated into, certain universal concepts are becoming a standard within the mobile industry. These concepts include responsive themes, rich multimedia technology, content and user experience/user interface concepts also known as UX/UI. 

The ultimate goal of mobile website design is to enhance user satisfaction by offering comprehensive and easy to use digital environments that possess simple navigation, efficient functionality and fast delivery of digital services. Effective mobile web design is able to foster long-term application-to-consumer relationships that is based on trust and loyalty.

As mobile devices become more compact and faster, mobile website design services will have to quickly evolve to accommodate many factors, such as diverse e-commerce systems and evolving protocols within the cloud computing industry. Mobile developers will certainly have plenty of room to flex their development skills and expand their knowledge base so they are current with diverse mobile technologies, which is still in the early stages of expansion.

Why Repair Issues Should Be Fixed By a Plumber Melbourne

It is common for homeowners to fix different issues on their home. Some homeowners enjoy working on their home, and they build pride of ownership by working on their own home and keeping it in good condition. Others may be focused on saving money, and they do not want to contact a contractor for assistance unless necessary. When it comes to plumbing issues, it is best to contact a plumber Melbourne for assistance, and there are good reasons for this. 

A home plumbing system is vitally important to your functional use of the home. It delivers water used for everything from bathing to cooking and cleaning. It also removes waste water, and your home could become very unsanitary if the waste water pipes stopped working. In addition, if the plumbing system is broken, water damage and mold growth could potentially become issues. A emergency plumber Melbourne by Toscano Plumbing has the skills, training and experience necessary to repair the features correctly. More than that, the plumber Melbourne will ensure that the issues are repaired right with the first attempt. You typically will not have to worry about a leak recurring in the same place as you previously had one or other similar issues with your home’s plumbing system when you use professional plumbing services. In addition to ensuring that issue is repaired correctly the first time, the plumber Melbourne will also work quickly to get the job completed without delay. It may take you a much longer time to repair the issue yourself because you may be learning as you go along. 

It is understandable that homeowners would want to repair their plumbing system just as they make repairs to other areas of the home. A plumber Melbourne, however, can provide fast, accurate results for you, and this is critical for you due to the importance of this system in your home. If you have discovered a plumbing issue in your home and you are wondering what the best option is for repairing it, you can set up an appointment with a friendly and experienced plumber in your area.

Why Hire a Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne?

One of the trickiest things any business person is forced to tackle is marketing. Most people fail completely when it comes to marketing their products and services. This is attributed to the technicality the market bears and changes that keep happening every day. For this reason, those that care about their businesses have turned to hiring digital marketing agencies. These are people with massive experience and expertise in the field of marketing and are able to elevate the status of any business. Here are some reasons for every investor to consider hiring a digital marketing agency Melbourne. 

A digital marketing agency Melbourne from is able to do more than just marketing. This could be preparing high quality content for the websites of their clients. They have a well trained team of content writers, who are trained well on matters regarding SEO. Therefore, embracing the services of a marketing agency is more than just getting the business known to many. One benefits from highly ranking websites that are customized to have a professional look. Surprisingly, all this is done at rates that are affordable and ones that are half what one can spend on in-house marketing. 

Digital marketing agencies use the latest technology and tools, meaning they are able to address any changes that happen in the market. This may not be the case when one tries to do the marketing themselves. The task is daunting when there is lack of proper tools. Therefore, delegating the job to a digital marketing agency makes it easy to access the required market. They are able to analyze for potential changes that may affect business in a negative way. This helps them to embrace counter measures that help to keep the business on track. 

There is also an efficiency that comes with delegating marketing work to an agency. There are not training expenses for that matter. The agency is responsible for maintaining their staff and keeping them updated about the most recent practices in the market. So, the client only pays for the service and waits for results. This is an easy procedure that guarantees one success in the long run.
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